July 21, 2015 Working Planning Comm Minutes

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting

July 21, 2015



Present: Duane Swanson, Gary Valvoda, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Wayne Olson, John Kemen, and Roberta Folkestad.

Signage in township – Ordinance review  

Discussion ensued about sign size in ordinance, noting there is not a sign permitting process.  Prompting discussion was the Northern Hollow Winery signage appearing in the township.  The conditional use permit allowed for one sign at the end of the driveway of the business.  Committee noted that the driveway, onsite, signage was permitted at the time of the conditional use permit.  However, the business owner has established two other signs within the township, both of which are not located on the business property.  Examining existing signage ordinance for the township, the off premises signage is prohibited.   Today, the business is in violation of township ordinance, per page 74, Sign ordinance; section 3, 1; Off premises signage.   


Signage Permit Rate

After much discussion the committee agreed that the permit rate for a business sign should follow with other permits, that being $75.00.  


Other factors under consideration as relates to signage.

  1. Can businesses have more than one business sign in the township?

  2. Is permit fee, a per sign fee?  (Considering whether a property owner would want two signs on the same property.)

  3. Are there guidelines for lighted signage?

  4. Expiration of signage, suggest that permitting language for the business include signage guidelines on the permit. 

  5. Is a sign with advertising on both sides, considered one sign or two signs?


    Recommend to add to the Application for Royalton Township Site Permit a signage fee for $75.00 for signs in the township, on the site of the property under consideration for the conditional use permit, furthermore that the sign be measuring nothing more than 2’x 3’, or 6 square feet.  Adding on page 2 section III, recommend adding language “Signage__________”   whereby the permit applicant is expected to comment on their plan for signage related to the permitted activity they are seeking. Revision date also to be added to Royalton Township form under consideration.


    Relating to signage for Interim Permitting for time limited, special events. The Interim Permit process and associated fees will be considered all encompassing for actions which includes temporary signage related to the Interim Permitted event. 


    The present conditional use permit for North Hollow Winery is due for review August 2015. The Planning Commission will advise the Township Board at the next available meeting of the town, about the matter of the two additional signs placed in the township by this business, contrary to existing ordinance.  

    Illegal Sewer

    Brief discussion pertaining to a possible illegal sewer operational in the township; more research needed before action taken. 


    Being no further business, meeting adjourned. 

    Nancy Dahlin Teich – Recorder/Member 

    Leslie Orvis Chair/Member

    Duane Swanson Member 

    Gary Valvoda Member

    Roberta Folkestad Member