July 28, 2015 Planning Comm Minutes

Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting

July 28, 2015



7 pm, Commission Chair Les Orvis called the meeting to order.  Members present Leslie Orvis, Duane Swanson, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Roberta Folkestad, and Gary Valvoda. 


Motion by member Swanson to approve the agenda for July 28, 2015, as presented: with Member Valvoda offering second, with motion carrying unanimously.


Member Valvolda read the planning commission meeting minutes of June 30, 2015.  Motion to approve the minutes as presented by Member Valvoda, Member Swanson seconded, with motion carrying unanimously.


Member Valvoda read the working planning commission meeting minutes for July 21, 2015. Motion to approve offered by Member Folkestad, seconded by Member Swanson, motion carried unanimously.


Old Business


Signs at end of Canary & Harvest Roads;  Member Folkestad advised that there was not more to report on this matter this evening, aside from what was discussed at working meeting.

Signage – Reviewed the working committee recommendations relating to signage.  To address the issues of signage the committee recommends adding a signage application fee of $75.00. 


Reviewed the recommendations of the working planning commission meeting:

Member Swanson moved to change the driveway culvert fee to $75, and also that permitting for signage be set at $75.00, moving the recommendation to the township board for approval and action.   Member Valvoda seconded, with motion carrying unanimously. 


New Business

Next date of working meeting: August 18, 2015, 6:30 p.m. 

This meeting will include items for review as follows:  further review of suggested language for signage ordinance, picture of township for MN Association of Townships website and write up of the flagpole donation for possible publication, sewer and wiring guidelines.


Being no further business, Member Folkestad motioned to adjourn with Member Swanson offering a second, motion carried unanimously.


Nancy Dahlin Teich Recorder

Les Orvis, Chair

Duane Swanson

Roberta Folkestad

Gary Valvoda