August 17, 2015 Working Plann Comm Minutes

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting

August 17, 2015



6:30 pm, August 17, 2015, Royalton Township Working Planning Commission members met  Duane Swanson, Gary Valvoda, Roberta Folkestad, Nancy Dahlin – Teich, and others Wayne Olson, and Marshall Pearson. 


Old Business




Discussion ensued concerning signage for businesses in township.  One business operating in township that presently has signage that is outside of township ordinance was discussed.  Discussed whether the original business plan was intended to be oriented to production of the product or to attract public to the business site. Additionally, committee agreed that displays of multiple business signs throughout the township is not a presentation desired in the township.


Other discussion for all township signage included:

  1. Whether signage occurring off the business premises should require the owner of the property to be the applicant for signage to the town planning commission.

  2. Whether off premises signage should be allowed through a conditional use permitting process.

  3. Whether signage should be allowed for temporary events and then removed at the conclusion of the event.

  4. What are options for property owners as workaround to Royalton signage ordinance?  Suggestions around placing portable signage out, similar to an auction sign, the day of the event at the location of the entity. 

  5. What are the state statutes pertaining to signage?   Prohibited advertising and state highway right of way signage regulations.   MS 211B.045,  MS section 160.2715 State Hwy Row,   MS section 173.15 prohibited adv. Commercial versus non-commercial, traffic safety and aesthetics. 

  6.   Allowing owner of business under consideration time on next township agenda should the owner appear. 

  7. Ensure that if another entity wanted a sign in the same location, that the signs from multiple entities must be incorporated / coordinated.  

  8. There is a possible need for further clarification of temporary signage and guidelines.  

  9. Presently non – commercial signage is not under debate/consideration.  This type of signage would be political statement, policy positions, farm names, etc.  

  10. Whether the planning commission is inclined to revise the present ordinance pertaining to signage.  

  11. It is a fact that off premises signs were erected contrary to the conditions of the original conditional use permit presently issued for a township business.  These signs under consideration that are not permitted seem to have two options; 1.Removal of signage, develop an alternative advertising plan for the township business.   2.  Submission of an application for a conditional use permit to place off premises signage for one or more signs. 

  12. Concurrence was that business signage placed for display in the township is required to be kept in a condition of good repair and presentation


    The key point of the deliberation was whether off premises signage for a given business should be / would be allowed in Royalton Township.  


    On other matters related to brush clearing along the township roads and noticing to residents.  


    Noted that some township residents want portions of plantings left in the right of way;   Noted that it is important that the board conduct business related to the brushing of the roads that does not complicate the work of the employees working on the roads, meaning operationally it is best to be consistent in the brushing and removal of trees and shrubs along the roadsides in the township.    


    No further discussion about any other issue occurred at this meeting. 


    Meeting adjourned.



    Nancy Dahlin Teich, Recorder

    Roberta Folkestad, Commission member 

    Duane Swanson, Commission member

    Gary Valvoda, Commission member  

    Leslie Orvis, Chair & Commission member