Agendas and Minutes

2011, June 28, Board Meeting

Royalton Township Board Meeting

June 28, 2011



            Tuesday, June 28, 2011, Royalton Township Board Meeting was called to order by Chair Leslie Orvis, with Wayne Olson, Wendy Tchida, and Roberta Folkestad present and John Kemen absent. The meeting was opened with the pledge of allegiance.

            Motion by Wayne Olson to add to new business: Rosga Well drilling; township school, monthly meetings; and to approve the agenda, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried. 

            Motion by Wayne Olson to approve the Clerk’s minutes, as corrected by a deletion in the paragraph about 5300 Royalton River Road, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            Motion by Wayne Olson to approve the Treasurer’s report as read, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            After reading and discussing bills, motion by Wayne Olson to pay claim numbers 9461 through 9474, and all bills presented, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            One item from new business will be dealt with before the old business is discussed.

            Nancy Brady has requested a variance to move a 1994 Liberty, 28’ x 40’ manufactured home, owned by James and Nancy Strauch, onto lot 113, at 8421 Grasston Court, Grasston, Minnesota. Supervisor Wayne Olson has viewed the property. Wayne Olson read aloud from the Manual on Town Government, under Variances, on pages 116 and 117. After much discussion and regret that Nancy Brady and the Strauch’s had not read the Royalton Township Code of Ordinances fifteen year age limit on manufactured homes before purchasing the manufactured home; motion by Leslie Orvis to deny the variance request, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.


Old business:

            There have been no Township Road culverts installed as of yet.

            Letters will be sent by the Clerk to property owners on Raspberry, Homer, Robin, Bears Ear, Riverbed, Hummingbird, Bayberry, Timber, Bluebell and Hazelnut Roads asking for permission to cut brush and trees larger than six inches.

Supervisors Leslie Orvis and Wayne Olson will inspect the property at 5300 Royal River Road, Braham, sometime in the month of July. The Clerk will post this inspection on the Town Hall Bulletin Board as required.

Grasston Excavating was unable to complete the pressure tank installation, due to the well pipe going through the pressure tank.

After discussion, motion by Wayne Olson to hire Rosga Well Service at $1300.00 to pull the well, and to ask them to install an outdoor hydrant, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

The resolution for the policy for paying the deputy clerk and deputy treasurer was tabled until the July 26, 2011, Board Meeting.

The steel fire door, for the maintenance building side door, is on order at Menards.

The garage door on the maintenance building seems to working fine.

The Planning Commission will be working on the Road Plan at a later date.

The Clerk will send letters requesting quotes from Grasston Excavating and Bjorklund Construction for ditch clean out on 540th Street, Bayberry Road and Church Road: due at the July 26, 2011 Board Meeting.

Kevin Bennett has been issued a permit.


New business 

There was discussion about installing a posting on the Website and the Township Bulletin Board and to do a township mailing to inform Royalton Township property owners that Royalton Township has adopted the full Minnesota Building Code. There will be more discussion at the July 26, 2011, Board Meeting.

            There was discussion about vehicles on the road right-of-way on Royal Heights Road. Leslie Orvis will do four to six drive-by visits this month, and if vehicles are on the road right-of-way, a letter will be sent to the property owners.

            Motion by Leslie Orvis to send a letter to Don and Roberta Cummings requesting them to come to the next Township Board Meeting about a conditional use permit for mining and to include the part of the Royalton Township Code of Ordinances pertaining to mining, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            After discussion, motion by Wayne Olson to have Nessel Township spread 650 yards of gravel, at the quoted price of $8.80 per yard, total price of $5720.00, on 540th Street, and to pay Nessel Township for 325 yards of gravel at $8.80 per yard when spread on 540th Street, for a total cost of $2860.00, with Nessel Township doing the grading; second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            After discussion about mail boxes, the Clerk was instructed to purchase a mail box with an inside door that locks.

            Fill for the town hall parking lot will be discussed at a later date.

There was discussion about having a policy for Board Members attending Minnesota Township Association Meetings.

            Wayne Olson stated that the City of Rock Creek has decided not sell their part of the jointly owned tractor.

There was discussion about a new mower for the tractor.

            There was a general sharing of information received.

            Wayne Olson suggested that the Township set a monetary limit to emergency road repair.

            Being no other Township business, motion by Wayne Olson to adjourn, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried. 8:53 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:

Roberta Folkestad,

Royalton Township Clerk



Leslie Orvis, Chair 


John Kemen, Supervisor 


Wayne Olson, Supervisor