Agendas and Minutes

2011, September 27, Board Meeting

Royalton Township Board Meeting

September 27, 2011



7:30 pm, September 27, 2011, Chair Leslie Orvis called the Royalton Township Board Meeting to order. Board Members present were; John Kemen, Wayne Olson, Wendy Tchida, and Roberta Folkestad. The meeting was opened with the pledge of allegiance.

Motion by Wayne Olson to add to the agenda under new business: Nessel Township Board Members, Working Planning Commission Meeting, and travel trailer on Hummingbird Road; and to approve the agenda, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve the August 30, 2011 Minutes as read, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            Motion by Wayne Olson to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            After discussion, motion by Wayne Olson to pay one (1) maintenance representative $35.00 per Board Meeting, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            The maintenance/road equipment operators were instructed to fill out the new time sheet each day they work.

            After reading and discussing bills, motion by John Kemen to pay claims number 9510 through 9520 and payroll as presented, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.


Old business:

Brush cutting and spraying needs to be done. Cabin Drive has been getting cleaned up by property owners. John Kemen and Alan Teich will decide which roads to do.

Ditch clean out on 540th Street, Bayberry Road and Church Road; and the culverts on Homer Road and at the end of Raymond Frye’s driveway are not done.

            Wayne Olson gave an update on the Township Legal Seminar he attended. He discussed variance changes made by the court in 2010. Interim Use Permits were also discussed as being more flexible.

Public help and Township liabilities; they are basically a volunteer, who must fill out a volunteer form, or an employee hired for short term hire and then fired.

            There is nothing new on the insulation in the garage ceiling.

            After discussion, motion by Leslie Orvis to send a letter to the property owners at 5389 Hummingbird Road, stating they are in violation of the Township Ordinance, with the travel trailer with an addition on it, requesting their presence at the October Board Meeting, or correct the violation before then. Include the part of the Code of Ordinances pertaining to the violation. Second by John Kemen, motion carried.


New business:

Nessel Township Board members, John Sutcliffe & Tom McKenzie, representing the road committee, were in attendance to discuss 540th Street. They were suggesting a three year $30,000.00 plan. Get the frost boils dug out and cured the first year, plus some gravel. Ditching the next year plus some more gravel, and then finish up the work needed the third year. Mark Leaf Construction does their road work and they would like to hire them. This year’s gravel has not been put on, but they hope that Hass Construction will get it done in the next few weeks.

After discussion; motion by Leslie Orvis to put $20,000.00 for the 2011 Town-hall Improvement Fund, into a twelve month certificate of deposit at the Frandsen Bank and Trust, Pine City; second by Wayne Olson; motion carried.

After discussion about mailboxes being too close to the road to plow snow affectively, and what the standards are for mailbox posts, Wayne Olson stated he would find ordinances and policies from other Townships about this and bring it back to the Board at the October Meeting. This will be put on the October agenda.

            There was discussion about the Clerk reading or not reading the minutes at the Board Meetings. It was decided the Clerk will continue to read the minutes at the Meetings.

The 2012 Preliminary Braham Fire Contract was received by the Board.

After discussion, the Clerk will contact Congressman Chip Cravaack to schedule a time for him to meet with the public here at the town hall. A volunteer will need to be present while they are at the Town hall.

There was discussion about the need to clean up junk around and inside the shed.

The Board discussed things for the Working Planning Commission to work on at their next meeting, which will be October 4, at 7:00 pm. A Certificate of Occupancy, a possible Certificate of Compliance and Plans for the new township hall, were some of the suggestions.


For your information:

            The certificate of deposit rolled over on September 3, 2011. The Pine County Township Officer’s Association Meeting will be Saturday, October 22, 2011.     There were two fire calls from Pine City Fire Department.

Lakes & Pines is initiating a no-cost financial & life skills education program for seven counties and are asking for participation from Royalton. The Board did not want to participate.

 There are Clean Water workshops Wednesday @ Mora & Thursday @ Hinckley. A notice was received from the McKesson Governmental Entity Class Action notice. The new posts with mailboxes have been installed. The paper shredder has been purchased. There is District Meeting information in your packets. 1023.5 gallons of diesel fuel were delivered September 13, 2011. The Town Hall Improvement Fund: $10,125.58 & $13,184.83 total of $23,310.41.

For your information from District Seven Meeting:

            The Waterford Iron Bridge is on  It is in competition for a grant for bridge repair. A bounty can be offered on gophers, beaver, & coyotes.

            Being no further Township Board business, motion by John Kemen to adjourn, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried. 8:38 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:

Royalton Township Clerk, Roberta Folkestad



Chair, Leslie Orvis


Supervisor, John Kemen


Supervisor, Wayne Olson