Agendas and Minutes

2011, December 13, Board Minutes

Royalton Township Board Meeting

December 13, 2011



            7:35 pm, December 13, 2011, Royalton Township Board Meeting was called to order by Chairman Leslie Orvis, with John Kemen, Wendy Tchida, and Roberta Folkestad present. Wayne Olson was absent. The meeting was opened with the pledge of allegiance.

            Motion by John Kemen to add to the agenda; working meeting and to approve the agenda, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve the November 29, 2011, minutes with a spelling correction in the last paragraph, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

            After reading and discussing bills motion by John Kemen to approve and pay all payroll and claims #9549 through #9558 totaling $3990.55, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.

Old business:

            Insulation in the garage ceiling will be discussed at the January 31, 2012 meeting.

            The Anderson Passe sign inventory copies have been distributed to the planning commission. Motion by Leslie Orvis to post to the posting board and the web site, that the Town Board and the Planning Commission will meet together on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, at 7:00 pm, to fill out the Pine County Township Survey and to discuss the road survey, second by John Kemen, motion carried.

            There will have to be more information collected about certificates of occupancy and compliance. The Planning Commission will write up a policy to present to the Board.

            After discussion, motion by John Kemen to contract for one day with Hugo Tree Cutting Service, second by Leslie Orvis, motion carried.  Bayberry, Hummingbird and Maple Shores Roads, could have work done; depending on how many of the permission forms have been signed.

            For the next meeting, Alan Teich will check the prices of renting a brush cutter.

New business:

            A complaint was received about the condition of Cabin Drive. Alan Teich went out and graded the road.  

            The Township fire extinguishers need to be inspected. Alan Teich will check with the local fire departments and Terry Lind will send the name of an inspection company to the Clerk.

            There was a discussion about setting up a fund for replacement or repair of equipment. The John Deere and Caterpillar Companies will be asked to come next month and give a trade in value on the current road patrol and the price of a new road patrol. That will give an idea how much money needs to be in the fund.

            The Certificate of deposit (savings) was renewed.

            Being no further Township business, motion by John Kemen to adjourn, second by Leslie Orvis, 8:17 pm, meeting adjourned.       

Respectfully submitted:


Royalton Township Clerk, Roberta Folkestad


Chairman, Leslie Orvis  

Supervisor, John Kemen

Supervisor, Wayne Olson