Agendas and Minutes

2012, September 25 Board Meeting

Royalton Township Board Meeting

September 25, 2012



7:30 pm, September 25, 2012, Chair Wayne Olson called the meeting to order with all board members present. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

            Motion by Supervisor Leslie Orvis to approve the agenda as printed, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve the August 28, 2012 minutes as read, second by Supervisor Marshall Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Supervisor Pearson to approve the treasurer’s report as read, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.

            After reading and discussing claims and payroll, motion by Supervisor Pearson to approve and pay claims and payroll checks 6547 through 6572, for a total of $10,670.27, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.


Old business:

            The status of illegal Trailer house at PID#29.0134.000 was discussed. A letter from Attorney Kevin Hofstad was read by Chair Olson stating there is a conflict of interest at the Attorney’s office. Attorney Hofstad recommended that Royalton Township hire Attorney Laurette Arnold to work on this case. After discussion, motion by Chair Olson to contact Attorney Arnold and Attorneys Spear and Swanson about this case and their experience in property disputes; to make a decision who to hire; also to speak with Attorney Hofstad about being charged for work done when they should have known there was a conflict of interest; second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously. 

            The culvert for Homer Road is in stock and will be picked up next week.

            Insulation in the garage ceiling is not done, but hopefully will be done in the next month.

            There was nothing new about brush cutting and spraying at this time.

            A long range planning budget will be worked on at the October 4, 2012, working meeting of the planning commission. Mr. Troy Haug is being kept up to date with the new town hall building financial planning.

            There was mention from the floor that Attorney Hofstad had done work with Mr. Madison on Frost Drive a few years ago. Chair Olson will ask Attorney Hofstad about this.

            The road signs needed for Royalton will be worked on soon.

            The truck is at East Central Diesel waiting to be checked over. They will get to it as soon as possible.


New business:

            There was discussion about interest being higher at two other banks. The time and cost involved in withdrawing and moving it would not pay for the small difference in earnings. The motion from August 28, 2012 stood.

There was general sharing of information regarding the Pine County Township Officers Association meeting, Saturday, October 27, 2012; the receipt of reimbursement from Nessel Township; the arrival of the mower purchased; Federated Co-op office has moved to Sandstone; a certificate of deposit has been renewed; the signed contract received from Minnesota Licensed Building Inspector Marshall Lind; and the Jeff Johnson permit.       

Chair Olson asked the Clerk to make a spread sheet showing road work done including brush cutting, spraying, culverts replaced, gravel, and spot graveling.

The Clerk was asked to print up resolutions for the October 30, 2012 meeting for the three supervisors and the clerk concerning extra work possibly done for the township.

The next Town Board Meeting will be October 30, 2012.

Being no further township business, motion by Supervisor Pearson to adjourn, second by Supervisor Orvis, 8:10 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:


Roberta Folkestad,

Royalton Township Clerk


Wayne Olson, Chairman


Leslie Orvis, Supervisor


Marshall Pearson, Supervisor