Agendas and Minutes

2014, June 24, Board Minutes

Royalton Township Board Meeting

 June 24, 2014



            7:30 pm, June 24, 2014, Chair Marshall Pearson called the Royalton Township Board Meeting to order with Supervisor Leslie Orvis, Supervisor Wayne Olson, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Roberta Folkestad present.

            The pledge of allegiance was recited.

            Motion by Supervisor Olson to add security codes to the agenda and to approve the agenda, second by Chair Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Supervisor Olson to approve the May 27, 2014 board minutes as printed, second by Chair Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve the treasurer’s report as read, second by Supervisor Olson, motion carried unanimously.

            After reading and discussing checks motion by Supervisor Olson to pay checks #7208 through 7233, in the amount of: $5,935.97, second by Chair Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

Public forum was offered:

            Josh Mohr introduced himself and stated he was running for Pine County Commissioner, District # 2. He spoke on various subjects and stated he is a local business manager.                        

Old business:

            Online town hall rental applications and how they are delivered to the township was tabled until next month’s meeting.

            Zoning Administrator John Kemen gave a follow up on 9435 Apple Road. The planning commission forwarded to the board the suggestion to hire an attorney to write a letter to Mr. Wiener. After discussion, Chair Pearson motioned to have Supervisor Olson hire an attorney to write a letter to Mr. Wiener about him being in violation of the ordinance and to have a Pine County Deputy deliver that letter, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.  

            Zoning Administrator Kemen and Supervisor Orvis have been to the places on Apple Road and explained there are not too many animal units at 10286 Apple Road and that blight is a hard to enforce problem. There were neighbors present to discuss the problem of dogs carrying dirty diapers into their yards from that place, the unfinished home and unfinished shed, which make their property hard to sell. Zoning Administrator Kemen will continue to work on encouraging the property owner to finish the shed and reduce the blight.

            Property owner Steve Saumer suggested that a reduction in the minimum acre size would perhaps help this problem.

            Property owner John McKenzie stated that Royal River Run has small lots and it is not all pretty there as a result of small lots.

            Chair Pearson said that if things dry up some, there was a possibility the black topping of the parking lot could be done next week and the landscaping could be started after that.

            The lighting for the flag pole has arrived. Supervisor Orvis is waiting to hear when the flag pole will arrive.

            The window shades for the office and kitchen have been delivered and will be installed in the near future.

            Supervisor Olson and Chair Pearson will contact the clerk to post the meeting date they will get together to pick roads that will be brushed and sprayed.      

            There was nothing to discuss about tree removal at this time.

            Supervisor Orvis is working on getting wheels under the board table and automark booth.

            Zoning Administrator Kemen has not checked on the new decks on Apple and Elmcrest Roads.

            There has been no response from Pine County about land splits. The clerk will send a carbon copy of the letter sent to Pine County Commissioners to Pine County Assessor, Solid Waste and Zoning Administrator, Kelly Schroeder.      

            Due to renters needing to use the vacuum cleaner and the storage room with supplies being locked, the vacuum cleaner will now be stored in the chair closet.

New business:

            Discussion about Pine County’s new Septic Ordinance’s point of sale was tabled until next month’s meeting.

            Motion by Supervisor Olson to approve the clerk’s list of election judges to be used at the Primary and the November Elections, second by Chair Pearson, motion carried unanimously.

            There was discussion about a junk problem at 3810 Pokegama Lake Road. Zoning Administrator Kemen has already discussed this with the property owner and now a letter will be sent.

            The outdoor motion lights were discussed.

            Chair Pearson will check into getting some type of locking mail box for outside the building or inside the building available through a slot for key return, bill payment, permits etc.

            Chair Pearson will check with the security company about getting two new codes made for the township with reference cards.

            The next town board meeting will be held at 7:30 pm, July 29, 2014.

            Being no further township business, motion by Supervisor Orvis to adjourn, second by Supervisor Olson, motion carried unanimously, 8:40 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:

Clerk, Roberta Folkestad


Chair, Marshall Pearson

Supervisor, Leslie Orvis

Supervisor, Wayne Olson