2014, May 6, Working Meeting

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting
May 6, 2014



Present:   Roberta Folkestad, Les Orvis, Gary Valvoda, Duane Swanson, Wayne Olson, and Nancy Dahlin – Tiech

Gary Valvoda joined the group for his first meeting having been appointed to the Royalton Planning Commission at the meeting of the regular town board meeting April 29, 2014.

The focus of this evenings meeting was the development of the Interim Use Permit.  General consensus was that an Interim Permit would be a useful tool for the township. Discussion ensued   regarding examples of where Interim Use permits may be appropriate, how to write Interim permitting guidelines, consulting Statute cite 462.3597, Interim Uses as guidance. 

“Discussion and suggestion were to add the following four points:

Conforms to the zoning regulations

Termination date or event can be identified with certainty.

Use will not impose additional costs on the public if it is necessary for the public to take over the property in the future

User agrees to any conditions.

There must be a public hearing before an interim use permit is granted.”

Agreed intent of Interim User permit is to enhance the growth and social fabric of the community.  Thinking is that an applicant would fare well in an Interim use permit process with this understanding.

As Interim use permitting is added to the present Royalton Township zoning ordinance, additional items to address in the Royalton zoning ordinance are guidance on land splits, and adult ordinances. 

Discussion also included whether the Royalton Zoning ordinance allowed for permitting process for group homes. 

Next Steps include:

Next working planning commission meetings to focus on line by line, page by page review of the zoning ordinance.  Suggested amendments to be noted to include Interim use permitting and land splits. 

Have Royalton Township board take action to resolve Pine County to notify Royalton Township prior to County granting land splits.  Recommending this action at next available Royalton Township board meeting.

John Kemen directed to draft verbiage for land splits for Planning commission to review and recommend to near future Township Board for enactment and inclusion in zoning ordinance revision.

Interim Use permitting process to be finalized at next working planning commission meeting. 

Attorney consult will be required for zoning ordinance amendments / revisions.  Goal is to have those amendments ready on or before September 2014.


N.Dahlin-Teich  5-6-14 Recorder

Chair, Leslie Orvis

Member, Duane Swanson 

Member, Gary Valvoda

Member, Roberta Folkestad