2014, July 29, Planning Commission Meeting

Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting

July 29, 2014



7: 00  pm, July 29, 2014, Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting was called to order by Chair Leslie Orvis, with Member Duane Swanson, Member Gary Valvoda, Member Roberta Folkestad, and Member  Nancy Dahlin Teich present .


Additions to agenda  --- Discussion of Beacon, from Pine County. 


June minutes will be approved next month as they are not available for the meeting this evening.


Motion to approve agenda Duane Swanson, seconded Roberta Folkestad, all motioned aye.


Reviewed the working planning commission meeting minutes of June 22, 2014;  Motion to approve Roberta Folkestad, seconded by Duane Swanson. 


Discussion ensued regarding the interim permit.  Proposed interim use permit available for the next working planning commission meeting.    The next working planning commission meeting will be August 19, 2014, 7 p.m. at the town hall. 


Discussion about Pine County septic treatment.  Some discussion about which governmental entity will have responsibility for septic processes.  Currently Royalton uses the State of Minnesota specifications for septic systems.   Notably septic inspectors are sending Royalton copies of the inspection.  The Township Clerk sends septic inspection information to the county on a year end report. 


Planning commission members are advised to read the copy of email that was sent out pertaining to the correspondence from the county pertaining to septic.


Present at the meeting was the applicant for the proposed winery business.  The proposed business owner advised that they desire to commence business September but have been working with State of Minnesota for other licenses, permits and insurances. Zoning Administrator John Kemen was present and reviewed the questions for the proposed permit as outlined in the working planning commission meeting minutes dated June 22, 2014.  John Kemen will set time with the applicant to review ordinances and move the application to resolution.


Motion to adjourn, Duane Swanson, Roberta Folkestad second, all motioned aye.


Roberta Folkestad

Nancy Dahlin Teich 

Gary Valvoda 

Les Orvis

Duane Swanson