Agendas and Minutes

2014, March Annual Meeting Minutes

Royalton Township 2014 Annual Meeting

March 11, 2014



            8:15 pm, March 11, 2014, Royalton Township Annual Meeting was called to order by Clerk, Roberta Folkestad. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

            Nominations for a moderator were called for. Alan Teich nominated Roxanne Orvis, second by Wayne Olson. No other nominations were received.

Moderator Orvis stated all present should have the agendas and order of business.

Motion by Wayne Olson to approve the agenda as printed, second by Alan Teich, motion carried.

            Motion by Jeff Schlaeger to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            Motion by John Kemen to approve the minutes to the 2013 Annual Meeting, second by Wayne Olson, motion carried.

            The Annual Election results were read by Head Judge Duane Swanson. There were 71 voters in person and 1 absentee ballot for a total of 72 votes cast. For Supervisor: Wayne Olson 43; Troy Downing 20; Dale Heidelberger 2; Lee Hesselroth 1; Duane Swanson 1; Steve Saumer 1; Nancy Dahlin Teich 1; Marvin A. Carlson 1; blank 2 for a total of 72 votes; For Clerk: Roberta Folkestad 66; Alan Teich 1; blank 5 for a total of 72 votes.

            There were no speakers present. Letters were received from Family Pathways, Seven County Senior Federation, and Pine County Historical Society requesting funding.

            Under general discussion: rugs for in front of door, the parking lot, and setting money aside for a replacement grader were discussed.

            The recommendation for the 2015 levy was: General: $155,000.00; Road and Bridge: $50,000.00; Fire: $14,000.00 for a total of $219,000.00. After discussion, motion by Wayne Olson to set the levy at the August 26, 2014 reconvening of the annual meeting, second by Jeff Schlaeger, motion carried.

            Motion by Troy Downing to authorize the town board to maintain and conduct business for the town, as needed, under Minnesota Statute 365.10; Subdivisions 1 – 18; second by Alan Teich, motion carried.

             Motion by Wayne Olson to hold the next annual meeting at 8:15 pm, the second Tuesday in March 2015, second by Roberta Folkestad, motion carried.

            Motion by Roberta Folkestad to recess the Annual Meeting until 7:30 pm, Tuesday, August 26, 2014, at Royalton Town Hall; to set the 2015 levy and to adjust it as needed, second by Alan Teich, motion carried. 8:45 pm, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Clerk, Roberta Folkestad

Moderator, Roxanne Orvis

          8:50 pm, the Board of Canvass; consisting of Supervisor Leslie Orvis, Township resident John McKenzie and Moderator Roxanne L. Orvis, met and named Wayne Olson as Supervisor and Roberta Folkestad as Clerk.    


Reconvening of the Royalton Township Annual Meeting

August 26, 2014



           The Annual Meeting was reconvened to set the Levy for 2015. Supervisor Olson read the recommended levy amounts from the March 11, 2014, Annual Meeting as: General Fund $155,000.00; Road and Bridge Fund $50,000.00; Fire Fund $14,000.00; for a total of $219,000.00. After discussion, motion by Supervisor Orvis to set the 2015 Levy as recommended at the March Annual Meeting, second by Supervisor Olson, motion carried unanimously. Being no further business allowed, motion by Supervisor Orvis to adjourn, second by Supervisor Olson, motion carried unanimously, Reconvened Annual Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Roberta Folkestad, Clerk

Chair, Marshall Pearson

Supervisor, Leslie Orvis

Supervisor, Wayne Olson