Agendas and Minutes

2014, October 28, Board Minutes


Royalton Township Board Meeting

October 28, 2014



            Supervisor Wayne Olson, Vice-chair, called the October 28, 2014, Royalton Township Board Meeting to order with Supervisor Leslie Orvis, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, Clerk Roberta Folkestad present and Chair Marshall Pearson absent. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

            Motion by Supervisor Orvis to add: gravel on Timber Drive, Hummingbird Road, Kirtis Wiener, and to approve the agenda, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.

            Motion by Chair Olson to approve and sign the September 30, 2014 minutes of the board meeting, second by Supervisor Orvis, motion carried unanimously.

            The previously approved July and August board meeting minutes were signed.

             Motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve the Treasurer’s report as read, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously.    

            After reading and discussing checks 7327 through 7354 in the amount of $16,333.27, motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve and pay all checks, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously. 

Public Forum:

Chair Olson called for public comment. There was no public comment.

Old business:

            There have been letters written to the property owners building new decks on Apple Road and Elmcrest Avenue. These letters will be hand delivered by Zoning Administrator John Kemen.

            Supervisor Orvis stated that Roxanne Orvis is the deputy treasurer of the township and therefore covered by the township insurance policy; the insurance problem could be solved if she were to be hired as the cleaner for the town hall. This decision will be deferred until the November meeting so all board members can be present.

            Lundeen’s Tree Service was present to update the township on brushing and tree removal along township roads. They have finished the job for this year. There are several large trees that need removal in the future. Letters to property owners for permission to remove the trees will be sent. Legal action required to remove the trees if property owners do not give permission was discussed.

            The water line covering in the maintenance building should be done by next month.

            The weed whip has been purchased by Supervisor Orvis.

            The Attorney has the Interim Permit Ordinance for review.

            The planning commission forwarded their approval for Ernie Youngbaurer’s, surveyed, non-buildable, eight acre parcel land split. After discussion, motion by Supervisor Orvis to approve the land split, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously. The Clerk will send a letter to Pine County informing them of the approval.

            There is no progress at this time on the speaker system for the town hall.


New business:  

            The land owner at the end of Timber Drive has been removing gravel from the town road and putting it on his driveway again. Supervisor Orvis, Supervisor Olson and Zoning Administrator John Kemen have all been out at different times to view this problem. The property owner attended the April 29, 2014 Board Meeting. He was told to stop removing gravel and grading Timber Drive. He promised he would not grade or remove gravel again. The clerk was instructed to send him a bill in the amount of $450.00 to cover two loads of class 5 gravel. The letter will reference the meeting he attended, will request his presence at the November board meeting and that state legal action will be taken if he does not pay for the gravel.

            Supervisor Orvis has received complaints about dust control and grading on Hummingbird Road. Alan Teich, Road Maintenance Operator, was instructed to grade Hummingbird Road twice as much as other roads, due to the road construction on Brunswick Road.  There was discussion that perhaps Pine County will share the cost for dust control next summer.

            A letter has been sent to Kirtis Wiener.

            The next town board meeting will be held at 7:30 pm, November 25, 2014.

            Being no further town business, motion to adjourn the meeting by Supervisor Orvis, second by Chair Olson, motion carried unanimously. 7:55 pm, meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted:


Clerk, Roberta Folkestad


Chair, Marshall Pearson


Supervisor, Leslie Orvis


Supervisor, Wayne Olson