2014, November 25,Planning Commission Minutes


November 25, 2014



Present Commission members Nancy Dahlin Teich, Roberta Folkestad, Les Orvis, Duane Swanson, and Gary Valvoda.

Duane Swanson motioned, Roberta Folkestad second, to approve the Royalton Planning Commission minutes dated October 28, 2014, all motioned aye.

Duane Swanson motioned, Roberta Folkestad second, to approve the working Planning Commission minutes dated November 17, 2014, all motioned aye.

Nancy Dahlin Teich motioned to approve the Planning Commission agenda for November 25, 2014, Duane Swanson second, all motioned aye.


Old Business:


Interim Permits:  Wayne Olson reported on the consultation with attorney, Kevin Hofstad, and Hofstad’s suggested changes to the Interim permit language under consideration for Royalton Township. Marshall Pearson questioned what is the timeline or length of Interim permit when issued?  Roberta Folkestad will make changes to proposed Interim Use permit language and offered by Kevin Hofstad for Planning Commission review at next working planning commission meeting.  


Pine County Sewage Treatment System Ordinance – recapped the information as presented by the Pine County staff Kelly Schroeder.  Next step will include a meeting early 2015 with Harvey Lindstrom to determine the ramifications of revisions to septic ordinance, including a determination whether Mr. Lindstrom foresees any additional charges as a result of the ordinance revision.


Signage:   Les Orvis offered a signage example for committee review. No additional action at this time.


Next Working Planning Commission meeting:   January 2015.  Agenda will include consultation with Harvey Lindstrom concerning septic permit revisions and signage.


Planning Commission intends to pass the Interim Permit language to the December Township Supervisors regular meeting for approval


No further business.  Les Orvis moved to adjourn, Roberta Folkestad seconded, all moved aye.


Member Nancy Dahlin Teich 11-25-14


Member/Chair Leslie Orvis


Member Duane Swanson


Member Gary Valvoda


Member Roberta Folkestad