Agendas and Minutes

June 30, 2015 Board Minutes

Royalton Township Board Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road; Braham MN 55006
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June 30, 2015


7:30 pm, June 30, 2015, Chair Leslie Orvis called the Royalton Township Board Meeting to order with Supervisor Wayne Olson, Supervisor Marshall Pearson, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Roberta Folkestad present. The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Motion by Supervisor Olson to approve the agenda with the addition of Frost Drive, gravel pit permit, signage, window, culvert on Bayberry Road and to approve the agenda, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Supervisor Olson to approve the May 26, 2015, Board Meeting Minutes as printed, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Supervisor Olson to approve the treasurer’s report as read, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


After reading and discussing checks 7558 through 7596 in the amount of $14,661.68, motion by Chair Orvis to approve and pay all checks, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


Public Forum:


Bob Adamak stated that Pine County needs something in writing stating the town board had been out on the dog issue. He also stated that Workman’s are tearing up the road again.


John Heesch 4843 Brunswick Road stated no one had returned his phone call. 4843 Brunswick Road is on the agenda so discussion will wait until then.


There was a letter from Kathy Schlaeger stating there is a tree that overhangs Majestic Road just west of Carroll’s driveway on the north side of the road. Chair Orvis stated that Country Drive’s ditches also need tree and brush removal. Letters to property owners on Majestic Road, Country Drive, and Raspberry Road north need to be written using the wording used in previous years. Supervisor Pearson will contact Lundeen’s about the tree trimming.


Planning Commission Recommendations:


The Planning Commission forwarded to the board their approval for the property line adjustment for Thomas and Amanda Visser; changing 660 x 660 feet (10 acres) to 840 x 700 feet (approximately 13.5 acres). After discussion, motion by Supervisor Olson to approve the property line adjustment, send letters to the Visser’s attorney and to Pine County, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


There are new signs on Hwy. 7. The Board recommended that signage be discussed at the July 21, 2015, working planning commission meeting.


Motion by Supervisor Olson to have Maintenance person Alan Teich remove the old Royalton Township sign on the west side of Royalton Road at Hwy. 70, second by Chair Orvis, motion carried unanimously.


Old Business:


Property owners of the chicken house located on Apple Road were present. They have proposed putting up a privacy fence. After discussion with Zoning Administrator John Kemen and the property owners, motion by Supervisor Olson that they erect an eight foot high privacy fence made out of wood, or steel, like the residential type Menard’s sells, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


The lease with Leo McKenzie was read and the check to him will be hand delivered to him along with the lease allowing the township sign to be on the East side of Royalton Road near Hwy. 70, as agreed upon at a previous town meeting.


There was discussion about payment of the new John Deere road grader. Motion by Chair Orvis to cut the full check for $162,162.00 and hold it until the packer arrives, or if the check needs to be sent out sooner than that, to then cut a check for the amount of the road grader only, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


There was discussion about the Kirtis Wiener property on Apple Road. Motion by Supervisor Olson to send a letter stating the board will do an inspection at 8:30 pm, July 21, 2015. Then a decision will be made on what steps the board will take. Second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


John Heesch was present to discuss the multiple cars on his property. He was told the ordinance states that only five cars per property are allowed. After more discussion, motion by Chair Orvis to license all the vehicles, remove them or fence them, second by Supervisor Pearson, motion carried unanimously.


After discussion about not being able to connect with Troy Petry by telephone, and the fact that Mr. Petry and renter Tom Schoewe both had received their registered letters, nothing more will be done about Timber Drive at this time.


The party on Hummingbird Road has been cleaning up.


The unfinished pole shed on Apple Road is being worked on.


The turnaround at the north end of Eagle Lane is finished.


Maintenance person Ray Purdy stated that he will take the dump truck to Doug Eklund’s Wednesday morning where Mr. Eklund will load the black dirt for the township. Supervisor Pearson will explain where he wants the black dirt dumped after the board meeting tonight.


Supervisor Olson has called the road side sprayers, but has not received a return call. He will try again.


Supervisor Pearson had two quotes for stump removal. Grasston Excavating’s quote was $1,450.00 and Bjorklund Construction’s quote was for $1,950.00. Motion by Supervisor Pearson to accept the quote from Grasston Excavating at $1,450.00, second by Supervisor Olson, motion carried unanimously.


The plumbing in the maintenance building is about half done. It should be finished next month.


Discussion about tables was tabled for now.


Supervisor Pearson had been asked if Royalton Township rented or loaned out chairs. He was told it had been decided a few years back to not let the chairs or tables leave the property.


New business:


Septic Inspector Harv Lindstrom was present about the failure to comply. Property owner Norman Rosenkranz started installing a septic system November 10, 2010 and never finished. On January 20, 2015, both Septic Inspector Lindstrom and Zoning Administrator Kemen had met with Mr. Rosenkranz, when the home there became occupied. No one had informed the Septic Inspector it was to be rented. D & M pumped the tank shortly after that meeting. No reports of the tank being pumped since. After discussion, motion by Supervisor Olson to send letters to both Norman Rosenkranz and the renter, stating a new permit is needed, Mr. Rosenkranz will have sixty days to finish the system, send proof to Septic Inspector Lindstrom within ten days that the tank has been pumped, if it has not been pumped to do so immediately and


The discussion about the email addresses on the website will be tabled until the July meeting.


There was discussion about the culvert on Bayberry Road and the beaver fence near the end of the culvert. Curtis Gariepy was present and stated he would trap the beaver if the township would get a permit. Supervisor Pearson will get a permit and contact Mr. Gariepy.


Supervisor Olson and Zoning Administrator Kemen stated that gravel is being taken from the pit on Gary Folkestad’s property. No permit has been issued. Zoning Administrator Kemen will notify him he needs to come to a meeting for a special permit.


Frost Drive was discussed. It had been questioned if it was a town road. It is. There was a FYI about a possible driveway off Frost Drive to the north.


Signage and Northern Hollow Winery was discussed. It was stated that a variance was given for one sign at the end of their driveway. There are now three signs, one at the end of the driveway, and two on Pokegama Lake Road - one at the west end of Canary Road and one at the north end of Harvest Road. Zoning Administrator Kemen feels a visit is needed for the one year variance review and discussion about signs. The clerk will send a letter suggesting a meeting in August at 6:30 pm possibly on a Tuesday and if that doesn’t work, to have them pick a date.


The cost to replace the broken window in the town hall office was just a few dollars more than the deductible, so it was not turned in to the insurance company as a claim.


The clerk will email Kelly Schroeder informing her, the township has not approved the Shirley Saumer property split on Hazelnut Road, due to lack of a survey.


The four certified letters sent Kenmir, Heesch, Petry, and Schoewe were signed for, thus received.


David Anderson received a letter from Attorney Kevin Hofstad about the illegal tires on his property on Pokegama Lake Road. Zoning Administrator Kemen will check to see if the tires have been removed.


The next town board meeting will be held at 7:30 pm, July 28, 2015.


Being no further town business, motion by Supervisor Pearson to adjourn, second by Supervisor Olson, motion carried unanimously. 8:59 pm meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:

Clerk, Roberta Folkestad

Chair, Leslie Orvis

Supervisor, Wayne Olson

Supervisor, Marshall Pearson