Agendas and Minutes

April 28, 2015 Planning Comm Minutes

April 28, 2015

Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting



Present: Nancy Dahlin Teich, Duane Swanson, Gary Valvoda, Roberta Folkestad, Leslie Orvis


Motioned to approve the agenda, Nancy Dahlin Teich, Gary Valvoda seconded, all motioned aye.


February 17, 2015 Planning Commission Minutes, Roberta Folkestad moved to approve,      Duane Swanson seconded, all motioned aye.


March 3, 2015 Public Hearing minutes, Duane Swanson moved to approve, Roberta Folkestad seconded, all motioned aye.


Old business

  1.  Signage –

    1. No active request in front of Planning Commission today. The winery had made inquiry to discuss the ordinance language pertaining to signage at the time of their permit request. No further activity to date.  Commission will become more active in reviewing ordinance relating to signage at a future date. No further action recommended at this point.


      New Business

  1.  Torn apart travel trailer on 5389 Hummingbird Rd.

    1. Roberta Folkestad read correspondence to owner advising that junk at this property needed to be removed. Duane Swanson moved to pass this correspondence to the board for action, with Gary Valvoda providing the second, all motioned aye. 

  2. The decision was made to not hold a working planning commission meeting in the month of May, 2015. 

  3. Next regular Planning Commission meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on May 26, 2015.


    Being no further business, Duane Swanson motioned to adjourn, Gary Valvoda seconded, and all moved aye, meeting adjourned.

    Nancy Dahlin Teich, Recorder-Member

    Roberta Folkestad, Member

    Gary Valvoda, Member 

    Leslie Orvis, Member

    Duane Swanson, Member