Agendas and Minutes

November 24, 2015 Planning Commission Minutes

Royalton Township Planning Commission meeting

November 24, 2015



Members present:  Les Orvis, Gary Valvoda, Roberta Folkestad, Nancy Dahlin Teich

Members absent:  Duane Swanson

7:00 p.m. meeting called to order.  Nancy Teich moved to accept the agenda, Gary Valvoda seconded. Adding discussion of dog kennel.

Gary Valvoda read the October 27, 2015 minutes, Roberta Folkestad moved to approve, all motioned aye.

Gary Valvoda read the November 17, 2015 working planning commission minutes.  Roberta Folkestad moved to approve, all motioned aye.

Old Business

Signage –

Discussion ensued concerning signage.  Membership discussion was that the variance as presented is presently opposed.  Recommendations to have board provide further guidance on signage and research state signage for business advertising.   Of note, there is another business with signage in the township that requires education pertaining to township ordinances and signage.  The request for signage variance for Northern Hollow Winery was not approved at the meeting this evening.

Possible Kennel Operation

Roberta Folkestad moved to have a letter sent to the possible kennel owner that would include the township ordinances and state statute pertaining to operations of kennels.   Gary Valvoda seconded, all motioned aye.

Multiple Vehicles at Greely Road

Complaint received pertaining to excessive cars at property.  Nancy Dahlin Teich motioned, Gary Valvoda seconded to send this issue to the board.

Sign on Highway 70

There is a sign at a new business on highway 70.  Roberta Folkestad moved to send letter to board to send to the owner of the sign, with Valvoda second, all motioned aye.   The letter cites township ordinance for signage.

Agreement for Building Inspector agreement with Marshall Lind; Minor corrections made.  Roberta Folkestad motioned, Gary Valvoda seconded to move this agreement to the board, all motioned aye.

The next working planning commission meeting: Tuesday, January 5, 2015, 6:30 p.m.

Motion to adjourn, Gary Valvoda,   seconded offered by Roberta Folkestad, all moved aye.

Nancy Dahlin Teich – recorder

Les Orvis – Chair

Gary Valvoda - Member

Roberta Folkestad – Member

Duane Swanson - Member