Agendas and Minutes

September 20, 2016 Working Planning Comm Mtg

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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September 20, 2016


The Royalton Township Planning Commission convened in working session at 6:30 p.m., 20 September 2016, with members Leslie Orvis, Duane Swanson, and Gary Valvoda present.  Also present were Zoning Administrator John Kemen, Supervisor Wayne Olson, and Priscilla Schneider.


Gary reported that he had been working on the emergency contact list; the commission reviewed the draft and made some additional suggestions.


John updated the commission on several property issues.  Wayne will be contacting the township attorney regarding a property on Highway 70. Wayne reported he had additional calls on Royal River Run; callers were told that it is a public way and that the township has no responsibility for its upkeep. There has been no official contact regarding a potential second house on Royal Heights Lane.


Priscilla distributed information sheets she had gathered from Pokegama Township and various vendors regarding dust control.  Copies will be made for commission members. Points made during discussion included:  Beet juice control appeared to work well but the road gets slippery during cold weather.  Cost savings are generated by reducing the number of hours needed for grading (although quantification needs to be made of approximately how much). A secondary benefit is that less gravel needs to be applied.  Can we partner with Pine County or other townships to reduce the cost of chloride?  It appears that soil tests should be done to determine the amount of gravel that needs to be present prior to deciding the types and amounts of chloride.


It was reported that the possibility of solar fields coming to the township has been discussed.  How does our zoning ordinance handle this possibility and should this be a topic for a future ordinance?


The building fee schedule was discussed. We had been told that the 1997 fee list was still being used by the building inspector, but John questioned if that was really the case.  He will contact Marshall Lind directly to determine which costs are actually in force and report back to the board.


There was a general discussion about when county zoning officials need to be involved in giving permits and about the need to educate county officials when they should be contacting the

township. There has been confusion among residents about where to go and who is the 'final' authority. It was suggested that we invite Kelly Schroeder to a commission meeting to begin this conversation.


There was general agreement about the need for additional signage at township entrances noting that building permits are required.  Some roads are currently lacking these.  It was strongly recommended the Dan Saumer take an inventory of what is needed and that the board order sufficient signs to cover all entrances.  The commission also favorably endorsed additional signage for town roads that turn into private roads noting something to the effect that "Township Road Ends Here."


Speed limits were again discussed and more work will be done before the next working meeting.


The commission then discussed the road/maintenance operator's job description and concluded that a new draft should be prepared for the next regular meeting.  This draft would combine the duties of the main operator and the "secondary" operator into one with the additional statement that the "secondary" person will follow the directions of the road supervisor.


At 8:30 p.m., the working meeting concluded.


Respectfully submitted,

Duane P. Swanson, Secretary pro-tempore

Leslie Orvis Chair

Gary Valvoda Member

Jeff Schlaeger Member