Agendas and Minutes

November 29, 2016 Planning Commission Minutes


Royalton Township Planning Commission Meeting

6052 Royalton Road

Braham MN 55006

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November 29, 2016 - Approved


Chair Leslie Orvis called the November 29, 2016, Planning Commission Meeting to order with Member Duane Swanson, Member Gary Valvoda, Member Jeff Schlaeger, and Recorder Roberta Folkestad present.


Motion by Member Swanson to approve the agenda as printed, second by Member Schlaeger, motion carried unanimously.


Member Valvoda read the October 25, 2016, Planning Commission Minutes, motion by Member Swanson to approve the minutes as read, second by Member Valvoda, motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Member Schlaeger to approve the November 15, 2016, Working Meeting Minutes second by Member Swanson, motion carried unanimously.


Old business:

The planning commission has been discussing dust control on town roads. They are working on the saving of grader hours, getting the numbers closer, testing of several roads to see what they have on them for a gravel mixture and to see what needs to be added to make dust control work. Board Chairman Wayne Olson stated he is working on finding someone qualified to do the road testing.


Nothing on building inspector fees at this time.


There was a report from Member Valvoda and Chair Orvis who attended a meeting about solar farms and solar gardens. Farms are usually large areas and gardens are much smaller. Easements, setbacks, issues other townships have had, roof top systems need building inspections for the heavy systems, pollinator friendly grasses planted under the solar panels, the difference in taxes on properties involved in these farms and homes built on that amount of acreage, wording for ordinances, and comprehensive plans, the fact that installing a solar system as an accessory use (for private use) does not add to property taxes, the solar farm needs to be near a substation, Royalton does not have a nearby substation, and much more. Very interesting information. The planning commission will continue to be informed and update as needed.


New business:

Due to the date of the regular meetings being December 13, 2016, there will be no December working planning commission meeting.


Being no further planning commission business, motion to adjourn by Member Swanson, second by Member Valvoda, 7:18 pm, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted: Recorder Roberta Folkestad

Chair Leslie Orvis

Member Duane Swanson

Member Gary Valvoda

Member Jeff Schlaeger

Member Priscilla Schneider