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Board of Appeal & Equalization 2017

Royalton Township Local Board of Appeal and Equalization Minutes
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24 April 2017 - Approved


9:00 a.m., 24 April 2017, Board Chair Marshall Pearson called the Royalton Township Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting to order with Supervisor Wayne Olson, Supervisor Jeff Schlaeger, and Clerk Duane Swanson present.  Also present were Pine County Assessor Kelly Schroeder and Royalton Township Assessor Linda Wiener.  No property owners were present to make statements.


County Assessor Schroeder noted that a quorum of the board was present and that Supervisor Pearson's certification to be a member of the board was currently valid (at least one member of the board must be certified).  She also noted the online training will begin again on 1 July.


County Assessor Schroeder noted that current valuations are for 2017 and the taxes based on them will be payable in 2018.  These assessments are based on person-to-person sales during the period 1 October 2015 through 30 September 2016.  Thus, current valuations are effectively two years behind. Residential and seasonal sales under 34 1/2 acres during this period numbered five.  These sales were 88.5% of valuation with building values up but parcel property values down. Current valuations have been adjusted so that the ratio is now 94.3%.  Agricultural sales over 34 1/2 acres totaled five and reflected 120% of assessed valuation; therefore, those values have been reduced about 5% and now represent 107% of valuation.  She also noted that current sales are very high and will be reflected in higher valuations in coming years.


Average sales in Royalton were $1765 per acre, with valuations ranging from $1,100 to $2,000 per acre (tillable at $2,000 and woods at $1,600).


At the request of board members, Assessor Schroeder discussed the payment in lieu of taxes (PILT) noting that the township should be reimbursed for taxes not paid because the land was owned by state agencies. With certain land recently conveyed by Dan Erhart to the Department of Natural Resources, she noted that the township should receive PILT payments in 2018.


Regarding specific parcels, Assessor Schroeder and Assessor Wiener made the following comments/recommendations:


At the 2016 equalization meeting regarding PID #29.0373.003, Luke Papin, 911 Farming Road, Braham, she noted that Assessor Wiener was to investigate the valuation. Assessor Wiener attempted to enter the property but was refused admittance.  Therefore, the higher valuation recommended by the assessor stands.


PID #29.5217.000 - Norman Klocke, 9045 Maple Shores Road, Pine City, contains a peninsula of land that juts into the Snake River but does not really allow access to the river.  It is frequently underwater.  Assessor Wiener recommended that the valuation be reduced from $286,300 to $237,000.  This includes a $1,400 reduction in building value due to inadequate information

about the size of the basement.  Supervisor Schlaeger moved, Supervisor Olson seconded, to approve the recommendation.  The motion carried unanimously.


PID #29.1015.000 - Sean McGovern, 8470 Cabin Drive, Grasston, is a 150' lot containing a mobile home that has been taxed as personal property.  The owner has been telling the assessor that the trailer house is to be removed, but it has not.  Assessor Wiener recommended that the trailer house property classification be changed to real property and that the valuation be increased by $2,600 from $11,500 to $14,100. Supervisor Pearson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the recommendation.  The motion carried unanimously.


PID #29.0299.000 - Beverly Johnson, at the south end of Royalton Road, contains a mobile home taxed as personal property.  This parcel is similar to the previous question before the board.  Assessor Wiener recommended this building be moved to real property classification with a valuation increase from $69,000 to $71,200.  Supervisor Schlaeger moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to approve the recommendation.  The motion carried with Supervisors Schlaeger and Pearson voting "aye" and Supervisor Olson abstaining (noting that he is a relative of property owner).


PID #29.0198.000 - Nancy Dodd, 1386 Sherwood Street, Braham.  Assessor Wiener noted that the property contains a moved-in shed and noted that the owner said she had removed the house.  Assessor Schroeder's recommendation was that no action be taken on this parcel until Assessor Wiener has investigated the property.  Supervisor Schlaeger moved, Supervisor Olson seconded, to take no action on this parcel.  The motion carried unanimously.


Being no further business, at 9:44 a.m., Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to adjourn.  The motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted:


Duane P. Swanson, Clerk

Chair Marshall Pearson

Supervisor Wayne Olson

Supervisor Jeff Schlaeger