Agendas and Minutes

September 19, 2017 Working Planning Commission Meeting

Royalton Township Working Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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19 September 2017


6:30 p.m., 19 September 2017, the Royalton Township working planning commission meeting convened with members Jeff Schlaeger, Priscilla Schneider, Duane Swanson, and Gary Valvoda present and Chair Leslie Orvis absent.  Supervisor Wayne Olson was also present.


The commission reviewed the wording of the proposed town line road agreements that had been presented at the last regular planning commission meeting and at the board meeting.  No changes were recommended.


The commission reviewed the updated road files, noting that a folder existed for each road with details on when it was graded, brushed, graveled, etc.  These printouts are from an electronic database maintained by Treasurer Wendy Tchida.  Members expressed favorable feelings, with the hope that additional data on culverts, signage, and data on formation, width, and right-of-way issues could be added in the future.


The commission reviewed the draft points regarding a fencing, screening and landscaping ordinance that had been distributed at the last regular planning commission meeting.  Much additional work needs to be done.  Suggested changes to the existing draft are attached.


At 8: 40 p.m., the meeting concluded. 

Respectfully submitted:

Duane P. Swanson, Clerk/Member

Chair Leslie Orvis 

Member Gary Valvoda

Member Jeff Schlaeger

Member Priscilla Schneider