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31 October 2017 Board Minutes

Royalton Township Regular Board Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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31 October 2017


7:30 p.m., 31 October 2017, Chair Marshall Pearson called the Royalton Township regular board meeting to order with Supervisor Wayne Olson, Supervisor Jeff Schlaeger, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Duane Swanson present.  Also present were Zoning Administrator John Kemen, and Road Superintendent Dan Saumer.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Pearson seconded, to add to the agenda culvert at 11866 Homer Road and to approve the agenda.  The motion carried unanimously.


Chair Pearson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting of 26 September 2017.  The motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer Tchida gave her report, noting that the township has a current balance of $327,030.18 in the treasury.  Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Pearson seconded, to approve payment of checks #8550 - 8583 totaling $21,660.52.  The motion carried unanimously with Chair Pearson, Supervisor Olson and Supervisor Schlaeger voting "aye."


Public Forum was offered; no one spoke.


Planning Commission recommendations:

Supervisor Schlaeger and Clerk Swanson reported on the commission recommendation regarding the drafts of town line road agreements with Pokegama and Nessel townships.  Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the drafts as presented and to have the office forward the drafts to the respective clerks of Pokegama and Nessel townships for their comment/approval.  Chair Pearson thanked the planning commission for its work on this issue.


Old Business:

Board members had inspected the culvert issue on Acorn Drive and determined that it required no action at this time.


Pallet extenders have been received and paid for.  Road Supervisor Saumer will paint them to keep them from rusting.


Supervisor Olson reported that a Pine County deputy had served papers to the owners at 4843 Brunswick Road regarding the excessive amount of vehicles after a registered letter had been returned as unaccepted.  Because paperwork was not available for the meeting, this issue will be laid over until the November meeting.


Supervisor Olson reported on his discussions with the township's legal counsel about registering the turnaround on Eagle Lane.  The county had refused to record it as submitted; the lawyer had many questions.  Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to refer this issue to the planning commission for review and recommendation.  Supervisor Olson will forward the questions to the commission.  The motion carried unanimously.


The camera for the snowplow truck was tabled until the next meeting.


Winterization of the lawn sprinkler system has been done; additional landscaping has been completed.  Additional grading will be done in the spring.


Supervisor Schlaeger reported on the ditch situation on Raspberry Road south.  The new ditching on the east side of the road is working well, with water flowing as intended.  However, during the ditching one landowner's access to a strip of high ground was curtailed [the landowner had been going through the existing ditch to gain access].  The Pine County Soil and Water Conservation office had reviewed the township's actions and noted that the township's actions were justified in order to permit proper drainage.  After substantial discussion on possible precedents of permitting a smaller culvert than the ordinance requires and on the size of a culvert needed, it was decided by consensus to inform the landowner that a culvert complying with the ordinance could be installed after his receiving a driveway permit from the zoning administrator.  Because this would be the first culvert on that site, the cost would be borne by the landowner.


Clerk Swanson reported that tree cutting letters were sent to landowners along Bears Ear; several had been returned with approvals.  Road Supervisor Saumer was given the folder of approvals as tree cutting may begin as early as this week.


New Business:

Raymond Slavik on Bayberry Road (PID 29.0365.000) had asked about the trench being left by the grader at the end of his driveway.  Supervisors had discussed this issue with him and Road Supervisor Saumer was asked to investigate and grade as appropriate.


The board was notified by the county assessor that the Pine County 2018 Board of Equalization for Royalton was tentatively scheduled for Monday, 23 April  2018 at 9:00 a.m.  This appeared to work for the supervisors.


Clerk Swanson noted that competitive matching grant monies were available from the state to upgrade election equipment, including assistive voting devices, electronic poll books, etc.  He had talked with County Auditor Cathy Clemmer who said that Pine County would not be submitting a grant request because the current equipment is under contract and working as needed.  Because this is a matching grant, there is no assurance exactly how much (up to 50%) match would be available to any local jurisdiction.  Clerk Swanson and Deputy Clerk Roberta Folkestad recommended that Royalton not apply for funds at this time.  By consensus, the board concurred with this recommendation.
Clerk Swanson noted that a new law requires townships to pass a resolution annually that states the location of the township's polling place(s).  Deputy Clerk Folkestad had prepared the resolution designating the Royalton town hall as its polling place.  Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the resolution.  Chair Pearson and Clerk Swanson signed the resolution, which will be appended to these minutes and posted in accordance with Minnesota law.


Clerk Swanson noted that new legislation allows municipalities and townships to receive portions of fines issued by district courts for crimes occurring in their respective jurisdictions.  The board asked numerous questions about the time involved in securing the necessary account number and the amount of possible income.  The office and planning commission will review and report back to the board.


The board discussed the issue of potentially lowering the culvert at 11816 Homer Road.  By consensus, it was decided to review both the culvert and ditch cleanout issues during the 2018 road inspection.


Clerk Swanson reported that he had received a township map from the Minnesota Department of Transportation for accuracy review and incorporation of public buildings or historical sites.  The planning commission will review and update this map before returning it to the state.



Transfer of funds from General Fund to Road and Bridge Fund, as authorized by the board, has been completed.  Check numbers 8507-8549 were not used due to the bank's change of routing numbers and were destroyed. New checks were ordered and Frandsen Bank & Trust reimbursed Royalton $100.00 on the check order.  Federated Co-ops 2017 commercial propane lock-in price has been established at $1.249; Royalton is locked into this price.  Road mileage certification was sent to the county.  A thank you letter to Chengwatana Township for the use of its disc was sent. There are no updates from the phone company on the culvert cable on Timber Drive.  A Local Officials Meeting with Pine County officials has been called for 30 January 2018 in the Pine County jury room.  The next town board meeting will be Tuesday, 28 November 2017.  The December board meeting will be 12 December.


At 8:22 p.m., Chair Pearson moved, Supervisor Olson seconded, to adjourn.  The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted:

Duane P. Swanson, Clerk

Marshall Pearson, Chair

Wayne Olson, Supervisor

Jeff Schlaeger, Supervisor