Agendas and Minutes

May 29, 2018 Board Meeting

 Royalton Township Regular Board Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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29 May 2018


7:30 p.m., 29 May 2018, Chair Jeff Schlaeger called the Royalton Township regular board meeting to order with Supervisor Wayne Olson, Supervisor Marshall Pearson, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Duane Swanson present.  Also present were Zoning Administrator John Kemen, Road Superintendent Dan Saumer, and Deputy Clerk Roberta Folkestad.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Schlaeger seconded, to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of public call for service, parking lot, culverts, smoking on grounds, and assessor's agreement.  The motion carried unanimously.


Supervisor Pearson moved, Supervisor Olson seconded, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting of 24 April 2018 as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


Supervisor Pearson moved, Supervisor Olson seconded, to approve the minutes of road inspection/report of 23 April 2018 as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer Tchida gave her report, noting that the township has a current balance of $341,732.47 in the treasury.  Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to approve the report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to approve payment of checks #8771 - 8803 totaling $8,228.33, with checks #8771 - 8774 being void.  The motion carried unanimously with Chair Schlaeger, Supervisor Olson, and Supervisor Pearson voting "aye."


Public Forum was offered:  Glen Senske and his father John Senske were present to request data about the letter they received citing ordinance violation for excessive vehicles.  They requested how to correct the situation.  The board noted that if the cars were not removed, they needed to be screened with coniferous plantings or other appropriate fencing.  Troy Downing was present to ask the board to explain what constituted the violations referred to in the letter he had received.  The board noted the presence of a silage pile and farm equipment in the road right of way on Clover Lane.  He was told that using up the silage pile and moving the equipment would remedy the violation.  He also questioned where the right-of-way actually lay.  Dick Doenz and Wayde Lerbs were present to request guidance on what was necessary to open a sand pit off Frost Drive.  The board noted that a conditional or, preferably, interim use permit was necessary.  As outlined in the zoning ordinance, that process would take some time.  Mr. Doenz was given an application for a conditional/interim use permit.


Planning Commission recommendations:

Chair Schlaeger and Supervisor Olson updated the board on the construction of a turnaround on Eagle Lane, noting that most of the trees had been removed with the landowners' consent and

that some of the remaining trees will be dropped for firewood at the landowners' request.  Gary

Valvoda has a meeting with ECE about moving guy wires for the pole.  David Latourelle had requested that if a pole is moved that he be involved in the discussions with ECE about alternative placement.  By consensus the board authorized Supervisor Olson to continue discussions with legal counsel in order to file the proper paperwork and legal description with the county.


Old Business:

Following up on the road inspection, Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Schlaeger seconded, to purchase twenty (20) culverts from True North, with appropriate extensions and hardware identified on a list prepared by Road Superintendent Saumer.  The motion carried unanimously with Chair Schlaeger, Supervisor Olson, and Supervisor Pearson voting "aye."  Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Schlaeger seconded, to authorize a $50 charge on top of the township's cost should a private individual wish to purchase a culvert from the township.  The motion carried unanimously.  Supervisor Olson reported that letters over the township's legal counsel's signature had been sent to property owners deemed in violation of ordinances as identified during the April regular board meeting.  By consensus, the board asked Road Superintendent Saumer to meet with John DeGray to review the various ditch cleanouts identified during the road inspection and to develop quotes for each project.


The board authorized John DeGray to contact Century Link when he is ready to install the new culvert on Timber Drive so that their phone line currently in the culvert can be removed.


Supervisor Pearson and Patrice Pearson updated the board on issues surrounding the playground.  Some of the materials have arrived, but delays in shipping from Asia and in inspections at the ports of entry will necessitate a delay in installation from 1-3 June.  Currently, installation is planned for the weekend of 23 June, with ground preparation to begin on Friday.


The issues of monitoring services for the town campus and website training and use were tabled.


New Business:

The board acknowledged receipt of a letter from Cabak Law, LLC, regarding the ditch cleanout on the east side of Raspberry Road South.  The letter alleges that this project resulted in Tim Carlson being unable to access portions of his property, which he had previously accessed by driving through the existing ditch.  Supervisor Olson reviewed the statute that requires the board to maintain appropriate drainage along its roads.  After discussion, Chair Schlaeger moved, Supervisor Olson seconded, to authorize Supervisor Olson to meet with legal counsel to reply to the letter and to note that, in accordance with ordinances, the first driveway culvert would be the responsibility of the landowner and that a driveway permit issued by the township would be needed.  The motion carried unanimously.


A member of the public has requested that the township investigate holding a clean-up day.  There was general consensus that this was a good idea, depending on costs associated with it. 


Chair Schlaeger instructed the planning commission to review the issue and report back to the board.


Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Schlaeger seconded, to authorize Clerk Swanson to attend the Township Officers Summer Specialized Training Course in Duluth, 28 June.  The clerk training sessions concentrate on election rules and practices.  Early registration fee is $50.00.  The motion carried unanimously with Chair Schlaeger, Supervisor Olson, and Supervisor Pearson voting "aye."


Dan Downing was present to express his desire that the board retain its right of way via Clover Lane northward to the south line of his property.  He did not ask that it be cleared of brush and upgraded at the present time, but that this was possible in the future.  No specific action was taken by the board.


John DeGray noted that a significant frost boil had existed at 11609 Homer Road this spring.  Chair Schlaeger instructed Road Superintendent Saumer to meet with Mr. DeGray and resolve the frost boil during culvert replacement on Homer Road.


Royalton Township has received two donations, $2,500 from the Rock Creek Lions and $500 from the Grandy Lions, both designated for upkeep of the Royalton Memorial Cemetery.  After discussions with the Minnesota Association of Townships legal counsel, the board determined that it could receive these donations and expend them to the cemetery. Supervisor Olson moved, Chair Schlaeger seconded to approve the following resolution:  





WHEREAS, Royalton Township has received grants from Rock Creek Lions and Grandy Lions in the amounts of $2,500.00 and $500.00 respectively; and


WHEREAS, both grantshave been designated for upkeep of the Royalton Memorial Cemetery, a non-denominational cemetery used for burial of township residents and others; and


WHEREAS, the town board finds that this expenditure is a public purpose benefiting the community as a body; and


WHEREAS, no public funds are included in this donation;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the town board of Royalton authorizes acceptance of these donations and the expenditures of these sums to the Royalton Memorial Cemetery.


Adopted this 29th day of May, 2018




Town Chairperson, Jeff Schlaeger



Supervisor, Wayne Olson



Supervisor, Marshall Pearson


Attest:  ____________________________

Town Clerk, Duane P. Swanson


Drafted by:  Royalton Township Clerk

6052 Royalton Road

Braham MN 55006-2734

May 29, 2018


The resolution carried unanimously.


Clerk Swanson reported on a memorandum from Kelly Schroeder, Pine County Land Services Director, updating the board on a proposed county-wide zoning ordinance.  The memorandum includes a survey form asking if the township would consider opting-in to the ordinance and asking for names of individuals willing to participate in this process.  Planning commission member Gary Valvoda reported that the Pine County Planning Commission had met and discussed this countywide zoning ordinance.  The Land Services Department had reviewed several ordinances from other counties and townships and had very positive things to say about Royalton's.  Some of Royalton's language was being recommended for the county's ordinance.  The Royalton Township Planning Commission recommended that the board return the survey noting that it was unlikely that the township would opt-in, but that Leslie Orvis and Gary Valvoda would be interested in participating in its development.  By consensus, the board endorsed the planning commission's recommendation.


Supervisor Olson reported that he has received telephone messages regarding public service calls, some of which are impolite and derogatory.  He informed the board that he does not return messages left in this matter and deletes the messages.


Supervisor Pearson noted that, during a recent event at the town hall, the parking lot was full and cars were parked in the overflow area and on the roadways.  He questioned if some demarcations should exist on the auxiliary parking areas to the east of the maintenance buildings.  The board decided to take no action at this time.


The board discussed the issue of smoking during rental events.  The rental application notes that smoking is not permitted in or near the town hall.  The board decided to take no action at this time.


Clerk Swanson reported that the township had received an agreement for services from township assessor Linda Wiener for the 2019 (pay 2020) year.  The agreement proposes an increase in assessing cost per parcel from $6.00 to $7.00.  There are over 800 taxable parcels in the township.  Because of some wording irregularities the agreement was returned to Assessor Wiener for correction.  Chair Schlaeger directed the office to inquire as to the cost of having the county take over the assessing.  Much discussion from the board and audience ensued.  Action will be deferred until the next meeting.



Chair Schlaeger noted that letters had been sent to Nessel and Pokegama townships noting that Royalton would be taking over maintenance of joint roads on 1 June, that a fire meeting and open house would be held in Pine City on 15 August 2018, that distribution of fines to the township has been applied for, and that there was a fire call to Gary Copland (Harvest Road, Grasston) on 28 April.


The next town board meeting will be at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, 26 June 2018.


At 8:48 p.m., Supervisor Olson moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to adjourn.  The motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted:

Duane P. Swanson, Clerk

Jeff Schlaeger, Chair/Supervisor

Wayne Olson, Supervisor

Marshall Pearson, Supervisor