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October 29, 2019 Board Minutes

Royalton Township Regular Board Meeting Minutes
6052 Royalton Road, Braham, MN 55006
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29 October 2019

7:30 p.m., 29 October 2019, Chair Wayne Olson called the Royalton Township regular board meeting to order with Supervisor Marshall Pearson, Supervisor Jeff Schlaeger, Treasurer Wendy Tchida, and Clerk Duane Swanson present.  Also present were Road Superintendent Dan Saumer, Deputy Clerk Priscilla Schneider, Septic Inspector Amy Thompson, and Assistant Road Superintendent Alex Anderson.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Supervisor Pearson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of the Pangerl/Nordby land subdivision proposal.  The motion carried unanimously.

Supervisor Pearson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting of 24 September 2019 as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer Tchida gave her report, noting that the township has a current balance of $336,650.06 in the treasury.  Supervisor Pearson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.

Supervisor Schlaeger moved, Chair Olson seconded, to approve payment of checks #9351-9385 in the amount of $35,123.07.  The motion carried unanimously with Chair Olson, Supervisor Pearson, and Supervisor Schlaeger voting "Aye".

Public Forum was offered; no one spoke.

Planning Commission recommendations:

Members received an update on the Planning Commission discussion of a proposed solar energy ordinance.

There were no updates on the policy book and township levy/equipment inventory.  Until paperwork is received, the proposed Kevin McFerran interim use permit will be removed from the agenda.

Old Business:

Chair Olson updated the board on the situation at 9435 Apple Road.  Counsel has correspondence from the owners explaining the excess of vehicles and a proposed plan to deal with them, but it appears nothing has been done.  The board directed Chair Olson to relay to counsel its opinion that the ordinance does not treat derby cars differently from other vehicles.

The board reviewed septic compliance issues.  The board authorized second letters to owners at 11064 Harvest Road and 4435 Clint Road noting that responses must be received within 25 days.  No action is required at this time on 7995 Bluebell Road and 1238 Sherwood Street.  No official response has been received regarding 12254 Farming Road although the end of the sewer pipe has been covered with black dirt.  By consensus, the board directed that a second letter be sent noting that the system is still out of compliance and that a contract for an adequate sewer design and time frame for implementation must be established within 25 days.  Regarding the conflicting compliance inspections for 9003 Wildflower Road, Chair Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to approve the draft letter submitted to the board and to send it by certified mail to the septic inspector who found the system compliant.  The motion carried unanimously.  By consensus, the board authorized first letters requiring compliance inspections be sent to 5536 Pokegama Lake Road and 9980 Wildflower Road.  By consensus, the board authorized a first letter to 10278 Bear Claw Drive noting that the existing system is failing to prevent ground water.

The board reviewed zoning issues emanating from the road inspection.  Chair Olson reported the time for personal remediation at 4843 Brunswick Road has expired as of 28 October and that counsel will commence civil action.  The permitting issues at 1378 Sherwood Street and 5536 Pokegama Lake Road remain in the hands of Zoning Administrator John Kemen and will remain on the November board agenda.

Regarding septic and other issues at 1255 Royal Heights Lane, Supervisor Schlaeger moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to authorize Chair Olson to seek counsel's recommendation on how to proceed.  Septic Inspector Thompson noted that burning continues at the site and that a structure had been constructed over the septic mound.  She has been communicating with Joy Hix of the county.  The motion carried unanimously. 

Zoning issues at 9451 Brunswick Road and 1390 Sherwood will remain on the November agenda.

John DeGray reported that permits are in order for the construction on Xxxx Cabin Drive, with the county (for septic) and Marshall Lind (for structures).  Zoning Administrator Kemen noted that a culvert permit was not needed.  By consensus, the board directed that culvert and ditching issues on Cabin Drive be placed on the agenda for the 2020 road inspection.

No response to a letter, and apparently no action regarding excess vehicles, had been received from 430 Greeley Road.  Chair Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to send a second letter, certified, stating that a response and action must be received within 25 days.  The motion carried unanimously.

The board reviewed road inspection follow-up:  Culverts on Church Road and Pine Bough Road have been completed.  The board acknowledged communication from Kerry Jusczak in which Mr. Jusczak updated the board on the positive discussion regarding the turnaround issue and on his continuing concerns over mailbox damage.  The board concluded that the first issue was one between private parties that did not include the township and that the second required no further action.

On other road issues, the board noted that Nessel Township has completed gravel work on 540th, that the Royal Heights Lane tree cutting has been completed in excellent fashion, that the road sign on Butterfly Road has not yet been replaced by the county, and that six loads of gravel had been applied to Pine Bough Road with additional graveling of Sage Drive.  Road Superintendent Saumer was authorized to contact Pine County about the need for a county culvert near the intersection of Pine Bough and Wildflower.

Gary Valvoda reported on the issue of the town hall parking lot light shining on the residence across Royalton Road.  Mr. Valvoda spoke with the landowner and with East Central Energy who replaced and repositioned the light to leave the residence in the shadow.  Mr. Valvoda reported the landowner was pleased and asked board members to review if the existing lighting was sufficient to illuminate the parking lot.

The board noted the deductibles on the MATIT insurance policies.

Clerk Swanson and Septic Inspector Thompson updated the board on the site visit by two employees of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency who reviewed the township's septic ordinance and procedures.  The ordinance and files were in good order; the MPCA will contact the county on a couple of questions of how the county and town ordinance may differ from the state requirements.

The Greeley sign question will be removed from the agenda as no action is expected until spring.

New Business:

Chair Olson moved, Supervisor Pearson seconded, to approve and sign Resolution 2019-5 designating the town hall as the voting place for all federal, state, and local elections in 2020.  The motion carried unanimously; a copy will be part of these minutes.

The board discussed the Braham Milaca Inspector Board agreement for 2020-2021 noting that it is now proposed to be a two-year agreement; other terms remain the same.  By consensus the board declined to take action, postponing a decision until the November meeting.  The board also authorized Deputy Clerk Schneider to contact a person who had expressed interest in potentially being the township building inspector.  That individual will be invited to make a presentation of his credentials to the November meeting.

Road Superintendent Saumer updated the board on issues relating to fencing in the town road right-of-way at 3316 Raspberry Road.  Board members were asked to drive by in preparation for a discussion at the November meeting.

The board discussed the proposed Pangerl/Nordby proposed land subdivision and agreed with the Planning Commission recommendation to wait for recommendations from Zoning Administrator Kemen.  Meanwhile, the board directed the office to respond by email to Cabak

Law LLC noting that this issue will be on the November agenda and that the parcels will be declared unbuildable until primary and secondary site soil borings are completed.


Chair Olson reported that signed contract with Ledin, Hofstad & Troth had been returned, the certification of road mileage had been returned to the county, and Federated Co-ops had locked in a propane price of $1.19 per gallon until 15 April 2020.

The next board meeting will be 7:30 p.m., 26 November 2019.

At 8:30 p.m., Chair Olson moved, Supervisor Schlaeger seconded, to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane P. Swanson, Clerk

Wayne Olson, Chair/Supervisor

Marshall Pearson, Vice Chair/Supervisor

Jeff Schlaeger, Supervisor