Interim Use Permits



Subd. 1: Definition.

An “interim use” is a temporary use of property until a specific date, until the occurrence of a particular event, or until zoning regulations no longer permit it.


Subd. 2: Purpose.

  1. The purpose and intent of allowing interim uses is:


  1. To allow a use for a limited period of time that reasonably utilizes the property in a manner not permitted in the applicable zoning district.

  2. To allow a use that is presently acceptable, but not permitted within the zoning district and, with anticipated development, may not be acceptable in the future.


    Subd. 3: Procedure.

    The application, public notice, public hearing, and procedure requirements for interim use permits shall be the same as those for Conditional Use Permits as provided in Section 16 of this Ordinance, referencing and in accordance with M.S. 394.26.


    Subd. 4: Standards.

  1. The Planning Commission shall recommend an interim use permit and the Board shall issue such interim use permits only if it finds that such use at the proposed location:


  1. Meets the standards of a conditional use permit set forth in Section 7 of this Ordinance.

  2. Conforms to the zoning regulations, performance standards and other requirements of this ordinance.

  3. Will terminate upon a specific date or event specified in the resolution approving said interim use permit, and the interim use permit itself.

  4. Will not impose, by agreement, additional costs on the public if it is necessary for the public to remediate or restore the property back to compliance in the future.

  5. Will be subjected to any conditions that the Town Board has deemed appropriate for permission of the use which may include a condition that the owner will provide an appropriate financial surety to cover the cost to remediate or restore the property back to compliance in the future.


    Subd. 5: Termination.

  1. An interim use permit shall terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following events; whichever first occurs:


  1. The date specified in the permit;

  2. A violation of the conditions under which the permit was issued;

  3. A change in the Town’s zoning regulations;

  4. Upon the written request of the permitee.


  1. No more than three interim use permits shall be granted to a single property at any one time.


    Drafted by:

    Royalton Township Planning Commission;

    6052 Royalton Road; Braham MN 55006; December 16, 2014